Blake Cason

I am a smile-out-loud kind of lady - full of passion and joy for life.  I have been teaching and coaching for over 12 years now in many capacities.  From time and energy management to meditation to intuitive eating, none of the topics I address could be called "easy."  My private coaching and group facilitator practice, Pivot Wellness, is so incredible because it connects me with people who are working to take an honest look at their lives, habits, behaviors.... and honesty is hard!  
To me, the most important thing about coaching and speaking is helping people help themselves.  I meet my students and clients where they are and support their path toward where they want to take their one precious life.

Sanni McCandless

Sanni McCandless has built a career around the intersection of life design and the outdoors. She works primarily as a transition coach, helping outdoor-focused individuals create meaningful change and navigate the doubts and concerns that constantly get in the way of feeling fulfilled. Sanni challenges clients to communicate more honestly with those around them and achieve goals that have been on the back burner for too long. Sanni is also the cofounder of Outwild, a community and event series which aims to provide people with the space and tools they need to create more outdoor and value-driven lifestyles. Sanni currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada where she enjoys year-round rock climbing and endless desert views.