What Does the Research Say?

Ten years ago, few of us talked about "corporate wellness" or had heard of titles like "Chief Happiness Officer". Today, however, we have learned the importance of a healthy workplace and mindful employees. Here are a few lessons learned, straight from the data:

1. Workplace happiness matters. Did you know that when one employee is motivated and feeling pleasure in their work, they impact those around them significantly? This is especially important in team leaders whose emotional state is further reaching. And for those of us who have low-energy and/or negative colleagues? Mindfulness is proven strategy for regulating our emotional affect, making us less likely to be influenced by others’ low mood.

2. A healthy relationship with work decreases negative thoughts and increases focus. Negativity is so distracting! If we are constantly considering quitting or ruminating on what is unpleasant, we inevitably feel drained both mentally and emotionally. When we are consumed by stress and worry, “our brain begins to detach from positive emotions,” according to one Harvard study. Yikes!

3. A gauge and creator of our overall health The hours we spend working have a huge impact on our overall mental, physical, and emotional health. That means they provide a potent opportunity for us to practice and grow positivity in our lives. Interested in learning more about the science of workplace happiness, mindfulness, and resilience? Check out this incredible article (including more information about the above research) HERE.

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