The Power of Group Coaching

Have you ever been a part of a group workshop? If so, you know what an incredible opportunity it is to connect with yourself and others.

Blake Cason, 1/2 of the ReSpark leadership team, has been facilitating group workshops for over a dozen years now and sees this every time. No matter the content, when people “circle” around a shared, intimate topic, they experience something truly special.

The most common feedback she hears about group coaching is how empowering and validating it is. We often get stuck behind joy-draining comparisons, but group-work allows for something else: the reality of similar struggles and imperfect triumph. Plus, bearing witness to our peers' journeys often leaves us with a newfound motivation - the feeling of, "well, I guess I can give it a try?!" That energy becomes an infectious part of the group experience and continues to build as we all find ways to keep pushing the envelope of our own growth.

ReSpark was created out of a shared belief that working through issues as a group is deeply impactful. ReSpark creates a safe space where we can all explore the old, negative thought patterns we've fallen into, create a deeper understanding of why they exist, and then create new, sustainable reframes. Beyond platitudes and generalities, ReSpark helps participants get specific about what they need to make real change in their daily lives.

One of ReSpark's participants, said, “The weekly topics were great! I found gems in the random expressions, thoughts and questions. I find myself remembering someone's story of being vulnerable or the happenings in their lives that they've shared on Facebook - in some ways that simple appreciation for who we are as people and how we function in life seems to spark more motivation and passion than any technique for changing behavior.”

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