Is ReSpark for Me?

We're so glad you're interested in participating in our 8 week group-coaching course. We're sure you have many questions, so we'll try and answer a few here...

Is ReSpark for me? Did you used to jump out of bed in the morning before the alarm, but now two or three snoozes don't seem like enough? Do you feel disconnected from your workplace culture? Or perhaps you're struggling to advocate for yourself and feel stagnant in your career? Maybe work has consumed your life and you're feeling a need to draw clearer boundaries and spend more time doing what you love. In all these cases, ReSpark is a great fit. Our focus is to help people rediscover passion in their current workplace by establishing better communication, creating more balance, and setting clear goals.

What does group coaching actually look like? Each week the group will come together in an online conference room to work through a different topic. In every session, Blake or Sanni will cover a core concept and provide corresponding strategies for improvement. There will also be ample opportunities for you to speak up and share your experiences with the group (both during sessions and through our private Facebook group). Between sessions you'll have relevant journal prompts to help you dive deeper in each area.

Does it... work? Here is what one participant had to say: "I was pretty self-directed before the course and without knowing it I had fallen into a slump. I'm now several weeks out post-course and am still "on it"! It is This course that is underlying my sticking with it, taking all the necessary steps, etc. So THANKS!"

What happens after I sign up? Once you've registered, we'll send you your official ReSpark starter pack, which includes a handful of strategic tools for staying accountable and getting ahead (and a few surprises). You'll also receive a calendar invite that includes a link to all our Zoom meetings as well as some tech support to get you sorted out if need be.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns!

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