Weekly 75-Min Coaching sessions

We will meet once a week from the comfort of your home! Using an online conference room and live-video, our sessions will cover a wide array of topics in a safe, intimate setting (max capacity: 12 participants).

1:1 Coaching calls

We have all had the experience of learning something great and then flailing in the application. During the course, you will have the opportunity for two 30 minute 1:1 phone calls with a course instructor to help you navigate the rough spots of transferring your skills from practice to real life.


 We see again and again that talking with someone about their personal journey can motivate and affirm us in our own. That's why each week you'll chat over a prompt with a peer! Additionally, our Facebook group is a great place to contribute resources, ask questions, and stay connected throughout the week. We are all students and we are all teachers!

starter pack

Sometimes beginning is half the battle...that's why we want to give you a head start. This Starter Pack is curated with tried-and-tested (yet simple!) tools that Sanni & Blake swear by. 

*If you’re out of the country we’ll send you a $30 stipend to create your own starter kit!


Our accountability system will help you build momentum and stay motivated throughout the 8 week course.  We will track successes and failures as a group and establish new weekly routines from the get-go, enabling you to see progress throughout our time together.

journal prompts & Meditation

Keep the energy going between sessions with our ReSpark  journal prompts. Additionally, we will establish a daily meditation routine for all members using friendly meditation apps. This practice will help you cultivate a clear and relaxed headspace during the week.