Establishing Your Workplace Values

The Power of Visualization

Authentic Communication 

The Ecology of Self-Care

Mindful Boundary Setting

Developing Habits that Increase Energy

Big, Audacious Goals

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Why online group coaching?

There is something special about working through tough topics in a group setting. Instead of feeling singled out or alone, this dynamic allows you to share your experiences with other like-minded individuals and feed off encouraging group energy. Plus, online group coaching is a more affordable way to get the coaching experience, eliminates travel to and from an in-person location, and can be done within the comfort of your home.



Includes: 8 weeks of instruction, 1:1 coaching, online community, starter pack, goal tracking, and at-home syllabus.

*If financial barriers exist, we offer a two part payment plan. Email to sign up with a payment plan.


ReSpark sessions occur on Saturday mornings at 8:30am PST for the duration of 8 weeks. You can use our Sign Up page to see the specific dates for each course.The timing of your coach/client calls and peers to peer calls will be determined by the individuals after ReSpark begins. Those sessions will take place over the phone without a video component.


This course will be done through Zoom Video Conferencing. Zoom is free of cost and instructions will be provided ahead of time to help participants get setup. Zoom users can access the conference room either on their laptop or phone (laptop is preferred). Participants will also need a Facebook and Google account for this course. There will be a private Facebook group to communicate as a group between sessions and a running google spreadsheet to help participants track their goals over the 8 weeks.


Each 75-minute session will be led by Sanni, Blake, or both coaches jointly. The  session will begin with a short grounding exercise to help participants leave behind the busyness of the day and become present. Over the course of the session a different theme will be covered with a combination of coach-led instruction, personal exercises, and group discussion. Participants will leave with both internal and external  ideas for facilitating growth in that area.